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Doggone Good Summer Fun



    The dog days of summer are coming to an end for North Texans are crazy about their pets.

    We have the evidence, eight galleries of photos sent to for the Dog Days of Summer galleries.

    We've also received a handful of videos showing playful pets cooling off in the summer sun.

    During the last week of the Dog Days of Summer we got two new videos. Craig Davenport sent in a video of Grady, a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever who learned how to retrieve tennis balls filled with pennies that sink to the deep end of the pool. Davenport's video starts out above the water and then dips below to show Grady diving 9 feet down to get the ball. He tells us they have to hide the ball from Grady or he'll drop it in for himself.

    Grady the Diving Dog

    [DFW] Grady the Diving Dog
    Meet Grady the 5-year-old diving labrador retriever
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010)

    The other video that came in this week features another retriever named Lexi. Lexi also enjoys fetching the ball in her swimming pool in Frisco, but a second video shows Lexi doing her "daily chore" which consists of getting the paper from the front step and bringing it into the house for her owners Craig and Tammy Kessler.

    In August we received a video of Sam, a two-year-old yellow lab, who gets "big air" jumping off the boat dock at Cedar Creek Lake. Not from the dock, from the roof of the dock, and his owners don't hoist him up there, he climbs the ladder himself! (The video is posted above) Olivia Hagen says Sam stays wet most of the time and is often joined by Sako and Kimber who jump into the lake from lower perch. We'll just say we're impressed by Sam's fearlessness.

    Another video that will leave a smile on your face is Lillie, the rescue Border Collie, "swimming with the fishes" in a pond in Forney. Lillie's story will make you appreciate this dog's happiness to cool off with koi. Ronnie and Robin Foster tell us Lillie weighed just 19 lbs. when animal rescue found her. She was locked in a cage with another border collie who was dead and she had no food or water. Now Lillie is a happy, healthy pup who enjoys paddling around in her own private pond. Even the fish don't seem to mind Lillie.

    Lexi Enjoys a Swim and Fetching the Paper

    [DFW] Lexi Enjoys a Swim and Fetching the Paper
    Tammy in Frisco sent in this video of Lexi swimming in the pool and doing her daily chores.
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010)

    Back in June a photo caught our eye of MJ the Boston Terrier terrorizing a sprinkler. So we had to see MJ in action at his home in Grand Prairie. Christine Watson says he loves water, and can chase it all day, whether it's the sprinkler or a shot from the water hose.

    Also check out the other videos we've received, just click on the links in this story.

    Sam The Dock Jumping Dog

    [DFW] Sam The Dock Jumping Dog
    Sam, a 2 yr old yellow Lab, actually climbs the ladder and jumps off the boat dock at Cedar Creek Lake. He stays wet most all the time since he loves jumping in the lake so much. He has a couple of companions, which are briefly seen in the video, that join him all the time. They are Sako, Sam's 2 yr old half sister, and Kimber, a 1 1/2 yr old black Lab. These dogs all three play "throw a toy in the lake and go get it" just about every day...they provide quite a lot of entertainment for us!
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010)

    You can show us your photos and videos of canines beating the heat. Send photos and videos to or upload them here. Friday will be the last day we show photos and videos on NBC 5 First at Four.

    The better the quality of the photos and videos the bigger your chance of seeing it on TV. Please include your name, your pet's name, and where you're from, and most of all we ask that you keep your language clean as you marvel at your canine's crazy activities.

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    Lillie Swimmin' With the Fishes

    [DFW] Lillie Swimmin' With the Fishes
    This is our rescue Border Collie, Lillie. Lillie weighed 19 pounds when the animal rescue team got to her. She was locked in a cage with another border collie who was dead by the time they got there. There was no food or water. Lillie is now one healthy, happy, and oh so sweet girl who has her own private pond. She loves herding the roosters and goats here in Forney!
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010)