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Baylor Professor Looking for Black Gospel Music

Program to find and digitize African-American art form continues.



    Baylor Professor Looking for Black Gospel Music

    In 2010, NBC DFW's Kristi Nelson first told us about the Black Gospel Restoration Project at Baylor University.  Click here to see her original report.

    After three years, the program continues, under the direction of Journalism Associate Professor Robert Darden.

    Since 2010, Baylor University hired a full-time audio engineer for the program. A generous donation made a listening room possible with state-of-the-art headphones.

    Darden encourages people from across the country to send albums to Baylor so the program can clean, categorize and digitize the music. Darden said  the Black Gospel Restoration Project is now the largest repository of rare and otherwise lost gospel vinyl arriving daily. 

    Also, iTunesU has made 16 songs available for a free download.

    "If we lose this music, it's a sin," said Darden. "Future generations will never forgive us for losing this legacy."

    Click here if you'd like to learn more about the project or donate music.

    The mailing address:

    Black Gospel Music Restoration Project
    ATTN: Denyse Rodgers
    Baylor University Libraries
    1312 S 3rd Street
    Waco, TX 76706