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A mother & daughter’s journey through kidney disease and donation

Kristi Nelson

NBC 5 First at Four, Lone Star Politics and 5 Talk Street Anchor and Reporter



    Kristi Nelson

    Kristi Nelson's fascination with journalism started when she was just 9 years old, and Santa left her a typewriter beneath the Christmas tree.

    She soon started to bang out articles based on topics she saw on TV, and would cut and paste the stories on paper. Then she would sell her "newspaper" to family members for 25 cents each. It was the beginning of a long love affair with news and storytelling.

    Fast forward more than 30 years, and Kristi is now a multiple award-winning journalist, and the anchor of NBC 5 First at Four, Lone Star Politics and 5 Talk Street. She can also been seen throughout the week reporting for NBC 5's evening newscasts.

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    Kristi's extensive experience goes beyond the 15 years spent reporting and anchoring in the nation's 5th largest television news market. She actually started her journalism career as a newspaper reporter, spending several summers as an intern at the Dallas Morning News before going on to work at The Philadelphia Inquirer, and later, the Cincinnati Enquirer.

    Kristi got a taste of the corporate world when she joined the National Basketball Association's Communications Department, working as a writer within the Publishing Ventures division. There, she authored feature articles for commemorative magazines and NBA-branded publications, including Inside Stuff and Hoop magazines, and was part of the media relations team mobilized for major events, including NBA Finals, NBA All Star Weekend and NBA Draft.

    Her work at the NBA led to another accomplishment – that of being a published author. Kristi finished "The Chamique Holdsclaw Story" while working on a Master's degree at Columbia University, and it was published in 2000 by Scholastic Press.

    In recent years, Kristi has distinguished herself through coverage of issues relating to race, culture, ethnicity, communities and health. In August 2011, Kristi donated a kidney to her mother and documented the process in a multiple-part series called “"Kristi's Gift," which aired on NBC 5 the week of the surgery. The series earned Kristi an Emmy for "interactivity."

    Kristi has two Lone Star Emmys and an award from the national Alliance for Women in Media (the "Gracie" award). She also has several awards from the National Association of Black Journalists and has been honored by several local organizations.

    Kristi also manages several social media accounts, with a combined following of nearly 20,000 connections/likes/friends – so please follow her stories and adventures online!