Trooper, Paramedic Confrontation Caught on Cam

The Oklahoma Department of Public safety is investigating a confrontation between an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper and a paramedic that was caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

It happened in Paden, Okla., on May 25, 2009. The trooper tried to arrest the Creek Nation paramedic as a patient in need of medical attention waited inside the ambulance.

The OHP claims it all started when the ambulance failed to yield to troopers responding to a stolen car call, and said the ambulance driver flipped them off, reported.

Once the troopers finished their call, they pulled over the ambulance and that's when the patient's family members caught the altercation on a cell phone camera.

Both paramedics released statements, which are posted on

Paramedic Paul Franks, seen at the beginning of the video, told Creek Nation officials that he told Trooper Daniel Martin, "We have a patient en route to Prague ER … if you would follow us, we would sort this out afterwards." He said Martin told him "get your --- in my vehicle. I'm giving you a ticket right now."

Maurice White, Jr., the other paramedic, said he exited the ambulance and made a similar plea. Martin then tried to arrest him. Video shows the trooper with his hand around the paramedic's neck.

OHP dash cameras were also recording and reportedly caught the first confrontation between the troopers and paramedics.

The Okfuskee County District Attorney is reviewing all of the videos, but no decision has been made about charges related to the confrontation.

The paramedics and the troopers remain on duty as the investigation continues.

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