Texas-Based Dating App Matches ‘Perfect Pairs’ Using DNA

NBC 5 News

Two Texas women are stirring up a lot of attention with a new dating app.  It's a lot like Tinder or Match, but the difference here is that you need to submit your DNA.


The app is called Pheramor and the company scans your DNA for 11 genes related to attraction. Those findings are paired with information from your social media profile and run through an algorithm that matches you with your perfect partner.

"Current dating apps don't give you any direction on who you should go on a first date with. You're just swipinng through pools and pools with very limited texts about who they are, and usually they are all very superficial. And the profile pictures have Snapchat filters. And so young working professionals are experiencing an epidemic of bad first dates,"

The DNA collection kits are $20 and the membership is $10 per month.

Currently the dating app is only available in Houston, but they plan to move to Austin and Boston next.

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