Epic Food Fight Coming to Dallas

Tomato Battle: Dallas to be held in September

by Ty Pressley

Whether it was aimlessly throwing the worst spaghetti you’ve ever had across your high school cafeteria, or playing dodge ball with tomatoes as an adult, mankind seems helpless to resist the classic temptation of a food fight.

On Sept. 8, Tomato Battle: Dallas will descend upon the Texas State Fairgrounds like a white winged dove in a Stevie Nicks song. Supplied with 40,000 pounds of inedible (pronounced “rotten”) tomatoes, an anticipated crowd of 3,000 people will have the opportunity to toss—nay, hurl—tomatoes at each other.

This battle royale is not for the faint of heart.

The Tomato Battle event starts at noon and will feature local music, a costume contest, and a never-ending beer garden. We don’t have a set list for what kind of music one might hear during the most epic food fight imaginable, but I’m sure we’d all like to think a Journey cover or two might make it in.
“Eye of the Tiger,” anyone?

The real fun starts around 4 p.m. when the tomatoes will soar through the air for an hour of culinary chaos. If you don’t leave looking like Carrie on prom night, you didn’t do it right.

Tickets are available for this 14 and over event at the Tomato Battle website, on daily deal websites or at the gate on the day of the event.

Tomato Battle is a Seattle-based company started by Clint Nelsen and Max Kraner in 2011. The company held six events across the country in 2011 and will be doing nine this year. Tomato Battle has already started booking venues for 2013 with the plan of hosting 15 events in 12 states.

Events run from May through October, depending on the tomato growing season. Battles use tomatoes that are inedible, primarily surplus from local farms and food banks. Vendors that do cleanup are encouraged to compost the tomatoes used.

Ty Pressley hails from the world of corporate communications and public relations.  He is a Dallas native and avid Cowboys' fan. 

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