Adults Swearing Off Facebook for Lent

Instead of giving up potato chips, beer or dessert for Lent, how about Facebook?

Stephanie Simon reported for The Wall Street Journal that there are people who are considering swearing off the social networking site ... and they aren't just teenagers or college students.

Facebook has become so popular that this year many adults are finding friends, chatting and logging on in numbers never seen before -- and now, not continually updating your status to the masses can qualify as a Lenten sacrifice.

Lent is a 40-day liturgical season leading up to Easter where some Christians recognize the time Jesus spent resisting temptation from Satan, fasting and wandering the desert by giving up something important to them.

Simon reported that college students who had given Facebook up for Lent in the past found it to be a brutal, but valuable exercise.

Lent begins this Wednesday.

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