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Woman Sues Neiman's Over Affair, $1.4-Million in Gifts

Ms. Walker had no idea it was going on at all: Attorney



    Woman Sues Neiman's Over Affair, $1.4-Million in Gifts

    While many women may like gifts, few like the kind of surprise that Patricia Walker received.

    According to her attorney, Walker was in a car accident in 2007 that left her in the hospital for several months and homebound until 2010.

    During this time, her husband showered her with approximately $1.4 million in gifts from Neiman Marcus.

    The problem? Walker claims that her husband was having an affair with her personal shopper at Neiman’s. The gifts purchased were all part of a scheme to pump up the commission of the personal shopper.

    Walker was unknowingly financing her husband’s affair and racking up a huge bill.

    Despite their liberal return policy, Neiman’s has refused to accept the return of the gifts, and has claimed that they have done nothing wrong.

    This inevitably led to a lawsuit.

    Walker claims that she had no idea what was going on and that the money was spent without her consent.

    Speaking for the 99 percent, if $1.4 million in gifts show up at your house, and you know that you are the only one with any money, an alarm should immediately go off in your head.

    In the mean time, Walker is stuck with furs, jewelry, glass sculptures, and $1.4 million in gifts that she does not want.

    Any takers?