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Wanted Man Steals ID of Wanted Man

Fake name leads to real arrest



    Wanted Man Steals ID of Wanted Man
    A Hartford police officer under investigation for the beating of a suspect took his first steps toward retiring.

    by Bruce Felps

    Giving a cop a fake name can only lead to something bad for the person giving the false ID.

    Marcus Howard recently learned that lesson the hard way.

    According to this Star-Telegram article, a city marshal deputy in Fort Worth pulled over Howard for a traffic violation. Howard, who had a warrant out for his arrest, gave the deputy a fake name after failing to produce a driver’s license.

    As luck, bad luck, would have it, the phony name turned out to be the real name of another man, one Jonathan Howard, and this Howard also had a warrant out for his arrest. In fact Jonathan Howard had three Class C misdemeanor warrants on his head.

    The deputy pulled up the three warrants while running a check of the name Marcus Howard initially provided. The deputy also found that Jonathan Howard stands about 2 inches taller than Marcus Howard and outweighs him by 80 pounds.

    Marcus Howard said he lost weight. He failed to account for the lost height.

    The deputy, after rolling his eyes and stifling a giggle, probably, arrested Howard by any other name — Jonathan or Marcus. Turns out Marcus Howard, the man originally stopped, faced charges of indecent exposure. Now he faces charges of indecent exposure along with failure to identify himself.

    He didn’t win the Mega Millions lottery, either.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thought he had bad luck. Well, actually he does, just in different ways. His years of illegal activity are behind him … mostly.