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Valentine's Sex Ad Targets Denton Woman



    Valentine's Sex Ad Targets Denton Woman
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    "And to think, there are beautiful women in locations near me that want to bump uglies? Thanks, Craigslist!"

    Call it "Bathroom Wall 2.0" -- one guy thought a good way to get back at the gal who spurned him was to put her contact information and photo on a Craigslist personal ad.

    Since the ad was placed on Valentine's Day, the 21-year-old Denton woman has reportedly received over 200 messages and phone calls promising her sex. She told police that her co-worker, who attempted to date her, posted the ad.

    Apparently, the man has admitted to the victim that he placed the ad, which has since been pulled from Craigslist.

    The Star-Telegram says Sanger police are still investigating, though the man faces charges of harassment.

    UPDATE:Denton police sent this release that includes the report on the incident. (PDF link)