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Urban Dove Hunting Comes Under Scrutiny

Frisco police to watch over start of season Thursday



    Urban Dove Hunting Comes Under Scrutiny

    by Bruce Felps

    Head’s up, or down, maybe.

    Dove season opens Sept. 1, and hunters might just be a little closer than one would think ... or hope.

    Private property owners, evidently, are allowed to lease their land to dove hunters, even in developed, populated areas, as long the property covers at least 10 acres.

    Doubtful that any dove hunting takes place within Dallas where only the likes of Jerry Jones and George W. Bush can afford to own 10 acres. Out in the ‘burbs such as Frisco, however, the practice occurs with some regularity and has for quite some time.

    Watch your step, though, Elmer, because rules apply. According to Frisco police, you must be “1,000 feet from schools, hospitals, and day care facilities, as well as at least 600 feet from residential housing and multi-family residential subdivision property lines,” so take along a tape measure.

    Still, does anybody else find it slightly odd that a city that bans fireworks allows hunters to fire off shotguns in the city limits?


    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He finds it rather ironic that people kill doves of peace. Kinda sums up the human race.

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