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Unedited Verizon Internet Chat



    Below is the Internet chat, verified by Verizon, that was sent to us by an NBCDFW viewer.  Some of the language is coarse, reader discretion is advised.

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order.

    Thank you for your patience. A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with Wendy

    Wendy: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?

    Jeff: Hello Wendy, since you are a specialist, please explain how this quote makes sense: "VZ Navigator provides all the features of an advanced navigation system on your mobile phone at a fraction of the price of other Global Positioning Services (GPS) devices anod systems." How can it be a "Fraction of the price" since I do not pay ANY monthly fees for my GPS device in my car?

    Wendy: Ok, I got this one.

    Jeff: Not to mention the GPS device in my car was a "fraction of the price" of the phone I'm about to buy through you.

    Wendy: You paid for it at the store and not a monthly fee but I bet if I look up your account you paying a monthly fee hence it.

    Jeff: Look up what account?

    Wendy: So you have no account, but if you got a phone that needed that "feature" and I use that term loosely, you would pay the "fee" due to the pricey, flashy phone you have.

    Wendy: I see your flashy taste is the droid X, so your cadillac phones requires the "needed" feature.

    Jeff: You do not pay ANY monthly fees to Tomtom GPS devices. I am wondering why Verizon would charge me TEN dollars a month for the same service?

    Wendy: I have addressed that, see my first response added to my last one

    Jeff: So you're using the 10 dollars a month to supplement, or "offset" the cost of the flashy new phone???

    Wendy: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

    Wendy: Why do you such a flashy, pricey phone that needs everyone to look at them???? You just hating due to not having the cash to pay my flashy phone price. I see you do not look at the free phones just the most expensive we have. So the "baller" you are makes you pay my price due to your need to look good.

    Jeff: HOLY Hell...are you an actual Verizon employee?

    Wendy: I am, it is late night and your my entertainment.

    Jeff: What in the world would the "phone" have to do with the cost of a GPS service?? If I select a FREE phone, are you NOT going to charge me 10 dollars a month for GPS, or just not offer that service??

    Wendy: The free phone is so cheap we offer no gps to those people.

    Jeff: I am actually laughing over here...hopefully you are trying to be humorous and not actually trying to help sell a service and a phone for the company you represent.

    Wendy: I have been the whole time jeff.

    Jeff: Which one???

    Wendy: funny

    Wendy: I am not selling right now, I am on a break

    Wendy: not really

    Jeff: So you couldn't care less if I buy a phone through Verizon?

    Wendy: Nope

    Wendy: Only if your a baller.

    Wendy: why are you on here chatting me up?

    Jeff: LMAO...Wendy, I would be offended if you weren't so damn funny! I've gotta post this on Facebook...you crack me up!

    Wendy: your a kid or bored

    Wendy: they will track me down and no verizon for me jeff

    Jeff: I'm 41 and "was" quite serious...but after having to read your grammar and spelling, I'm thinking you are no Verizon employee.

    Wendy: I was really serious about the navigation?

    Wendy: I mean you?

    Wendy: If you post this take my name out.

    Jeff: You have accomplished two things tonight, Wendy. I will not buy from Verizon after this conversation, but you have cracked me up this whole time! I give you props for that.

    Wendy: Your in texas, what part?

    Jeff: Does this have to do with my monthly navigation fees?

    Wendy: Yea, I am navigating where your at, actually I have people out in texas.

    Wendy: My grandmother was named after Odessa

    Jeff: LMAO

    Wendy: That was serious, the last one

    Wendy: But why buy a phone that can track you down to a knat's you know what.

    Wendy: ?

    Jeff: What phone would you suggest, Wendy?

    Wendy: I am going to be honest, I still have my razor

    Jeff: Through what carrier?

    Wendy: But am looking to upgrade. the best flip, free phone that has great specs is the lg accolade.

    Wendy: t mobile

    Wendy: they are crap


    Wendy: yea, don't ever use them

    Jeff: Okay.

    Wendy: I will be honest, a friend of mine goes hunting right at the texas mexico border and he still gets reception with verizon

    Jeff: So DO go with Verizon, but don't buy a Droid???

    Wendy: well if you want flashy you can

    Wendy: lol

    Wendy: If your in the business world I would go with a blackberry

    Wendy: The droid is for kids to me

    Jeff: Okay, well thank you for the advice AND the entertainment. You have a good night, Wendy.

    Wendy: but I like simple phones

    Wendy: you also, night jeff

    Wendy: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great evening!