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UF Emergency Plan Includes Zombie Attack

In case zombies take over your campus, this is what you should do



    UF Emergency Plan Includes Zombie Attack
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    If zombies take over UF's campus, does that mean there's no class?

    The motto of the Boy Scouts is to always be prepared. Well, get the University of Florida its Apocalypse badge.

    Along with hurricane evacuation, natural disasters and nuclear fall out, the university also wanted students to be prepared in the event the undead ransacks the campus. Yes, a Zombieland attack.

    So on its Website, the school posted its "Disaster Preparedness" manual, with zombie attack as simulation exercise No. 5.

    "It is clear that international media have begun paying increasing attention to the possibility of an outbreak of zombie behavior spectrum disorder. Likewise, major metropolitan police agencies are starting to pay attention to the possibility of zombie attacks and are addressing citizen notification concerns," read part of the six-page instructions.

    It also included how to identify a possible zombie outbreak and a handy "Infected Co-Worker Dispatch" form. The manual never mentioned if classes are canceled though, so that's kind of a bummer.

    The rest of the rules read a lot like how you would defend a dorm against a panty raid, only the raiders want your brains and not your Tim Tebow underwear.

    The manual included tips on proper weaponry against the undead (no garlic please). And possible routes of escape were also explored.

    Alas, school officials determined late yesterday that the joke "didn't really belong" on the site, according to UF spokesman Steve Orlando, and it was taken down.