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Teenage Human Cannonball On Fire Tonight

15-year-old rises to new heights as circus attraction



    Teenage Human Cannonball On Fire Tonight
    Greg Janda
    Circus staple Cotton Candy tastes about the same anywhere you get it, as long as it's fresh. These bags were still warm when two sweet-toothes got a hold of them.

    A circus passing through North Texas is setting its standards high with its main attraction.

    The Family Fun Circus, featuring a 15-year-old human cannonball, is in Denton tonight.

    "It's not everyday you see a guy getting shot out of a cannon in your home town," spokesman for the Family Fun Circus, John Derrell said.

    Johnny Davenport, a.k.a Johnny Rocket, said he likes flying. The teen is soaring to new heights.

    "I think he does absolutely wonderful for his age. He is going to be a master before he is 21," Derrell said.

    Davenport  is a fourth generation circus performer and can do it all.

    "I'm the ring master, the juggler, the clown man," Davenport said.

    "It's a major attraction, there's no doubt about it. There's probably only about five of them [read: human cannonballs] in the United States that are performing, and probably only 20 in the world because most people thing they are nuts," Derrell said.

    "I am not going to lie about it, every time I see him fly, it makes me nervous, because that is my friend's life,"  Fenix Dresdner, Davenport's friend said.

    Catch the teenage human cannonball when he performs with the Family Fun Circus in Bonum Wednesday night.