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"Super Rats" Rampage Across Britain



    "Super Rats" Rampage Across Britain
    They don't scurry when something bigger comes their way.


    A new breed of rodent has evolved in the UK that is immune to pesticides and is running roughshod through towns, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported.

    The "super rat," as it is being called, contains a new strand of DNA to help it ward off rat poison, University of Huddersfield Professor Robert Smith told the Telegraph. 

    "Natural selection means that when you have a rat population in your town, poison will kill the ones that aren't resistant, the ones that survive may have the gene, they then have babies who can receive the gene themselves," Smith said. 

    As a result, the rat population in Britain, 80 million, has exploded 200 percent since 2007.

    Let's just hope they don't swim the Atlantic.