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Student Wins $40,000 Settlement over Guinea Pig



    Student Wins $40,000 Settlement over Guinea Pig
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    A student's guinea pig (not the one shown here) was banned from class.

    A university in Michigan has agreed to pay $40,000 to settle a lawsuit with a student who was banned from taking a guinea pig to class.

    Kendra Velzen, 28, sued Grand Valley State University last year under federal housing laws. Velzen, who suffers from chronic depression and depends on the use of a pacemaker, wanted to keep her pet guinea pig near her on campus for “emotional support,” reported.

    The university gave Velzen approval to keep the pet in her pet-free dorm room in response to her complaint, but banned her from taking it to class or to where food was served, according to Gawker.

    Velzen agreed to dismiss the lawsuit last month. As a result of the settlement, the school will work with the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan to create a school policy that addresses animal assistance.