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‘Sexting’ ‘Cyberbullies’ Way into OED

Social media slang makes Oxford English Dictionary



    ‘Sexting’ ‘Cyberbullies’ Way into OED
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    by Bruce Felps

    New word listings used to enter the Oxford English Dictionary — the bastion of proper English — about once every decade or so back in the day.

    Now, forced by the cyber-evolutionary speed of social media slang, new entries make the cut about, oh, every few months.

    The most recent examples to hit the hallowed pages of the OED, according to The Telegraph, reflect some of the boorish, prurient, and repetitive pastimes of social media, which, in itself, is a pastime or a wastetime, and there’s one for ya, OED eds.

    Editors of the OED recently added “cyberbullying,” and one would assume “cyberbully,” “retweet,” to go along with “tweet,” probably, and “sexting,” just to juice things up a bit, to the pantheon of acceptable words in the English language.

    Don’t be surprised if, any day now, OED just buys out UrbanDictionary.com [likely profanity alert] and adds its contents to the venerable reference work.

    In the cyber-spirit of the additions, though, “OMG! Ronald is cyberbullying his ex-girlfriend by retweeting photos from a night of sexting.”


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