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Old West Theme Park Burns

Old Fort Davis loses 6 buildings to fire



    Old West Theme Park Burns
    (AP Photo/Jim McKnight)

    North Texas lost a significant chunk of its Old West heritage earlier today when six of 40 buildings at the Old Fort Davis theme park in Wilmer went up in flames.


    No, really, it’s pretty sad.


    C’mon, the general store is gone, man, it’s just gone, and five other structures were lost in the blaze, too. It's carpentry carnage.

    [echoing silence]

    OK, OK, so the park shut down about 10 years ago, but we all still have a soft spot in our hearts for the 1800s-themed charmer, don’t we?

    [yawning, rolling over, pulling up the covers]

    Gotta hand it to the responding firefighters, though, right? They saved 36 buildings, buildings that had to have been tinderboxes, even despite a lack of water service in the area.


    All right, I know we all grieve in different ways. You’re trying to put up a brave, stoic front through a false sense of apathy. I get that, you little trooper, you.

    Me? I’ll grieve during happy hour, which starts, oh, about now.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Seriously, he never even heard of Old Fort Davis before today.