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OMG! Teen Arrested For Classroom Texting

A crazed 14-year-old texter is cuffed by Wisconsin cops for disorderly contact



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    A 14-year-old was arrested this week when she refused to stop texting in the classroom.

    We bet she isn't LOL-ing now.

    A 14-year-old Wisconsin girl was arrested for disorderly conduct in her high school when she refused to stop sending text messages in the classroom, The Smoking Gunreports.

    The student at Wauwatosa East High School was asked by a teacher to stop using her Samsung Cricket phone during math class - and when she refused, cops stepped in.

    The student initially denied having a phone, but police frisked her and confiscated the device. The girl was released on $298 bail and barred from school premises for a week.

    She'll stand trial for the misdemeanor charge on April 20.