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No, That's Not a Fox



    No, That's Not a Fox
    Bob Shaffer

    Bob Shaffer is used to wildlife around his Greenwood home, but he didn't realize it could get this wild.

    Shaffer told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram he is accustomed to animals around his barn and was forced to set up a trap when some critters got into the deer corn.

    First he caught a feral cat in the trap and then a raccoon. But it wasn't just your average raccoon -- it was albino.

    Shaffer said he at first thought it was a fox, but he and his wife quickly realized it was a raccoon because of its pink eyes.

    The Shaffers decided the raccoon was too big to stay in the cage, so they took the animal to the LBJ National Grassland area and released it.

    According to the Star-Telegram, the odds of seeing an albino raccoon is one in 750,000. Someone should tell the Shaffers that Wednesday night's Lotto Texas drawing is worth an estimated $87 million.