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New Millionaire Celebrates By Buying ... New Bra

Woman won $1.4M in the California Lottery



    New Millionaire Celebrates By Buying ... New Bra
    Hayne Palmour IV/North County Times
    On the Oceanside Municipal Pier on Saturday near her husband, Mathew, Mateo demonstrates the dance she did when she found her California Lottery ticket was a winner.

    Queency Mateo didn't buy a new car or a new house after winning $1.4 million in the California Lottery.

    "I didn't go crazy with spending or maxing out my credit cards," the 36-year-old told the North County Times on Saturday. "I just wanted a decent bra -- one of those expensive ones from Victoria's Secret that I would never normally buy for myself."

    She won the money on the California Lottery's new game show, "Make Me a Millionaire." The show taped July 17 and aired Saturday, but Queency and her husband, Mathew, began their road to the big bucks in April. The couple had been arguing about money before the big win: Queency, former director of health care at AmeriCare Adult Day Health Care in San Marcos, was facing budget cuts and potential layoffs at work.

    "Money problems were a big strain in our relationship," Queency said. "I got so mad, I told him, 'Why don't you just make me a millionaire?' "

    So Mathew went to a convenience store near their San Diego apartment and bought four scratch tickets for the "Make Me a Millionaire" game -- just like Queency asked.