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    Hands holding collection of cigarette rolling papers incl. brands Drum, Bambu & Club; used for tobacco & marijuana cigarettes.

    A prominent cigarette paper maker says a Brooklyn-based company stole its distinctive style for T-shirts celebrating President-elect Barack Obama's victory.

    Bambu Sales Inc. filed a federal trademark-infringement lawsuit in Manhattan Friday, saying Love Fatigues LLC copied the curvy script and beige-and-white striped background used on Bambu's packages and its own T-shirts.

    Love Fatigues' shirts say "Obama" in Bambu-like type. Company owner and Obama supporter Seamus McGovern says the design is art meant to make people see a familiar symbol in a new way — not commercial copycatting.

    Bambu wants a judge to award the Westbury-based company the T-shirts' profits, as well as unspecified damages. It also wants the T-shirts turned over for destruction.

    Obama representatives did not immediately respond to an e-mail inquiry late Friday.