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World Bacon Shortage Imminent, Pig Group Warns

National Pig Association of Britain says herds shriking, prices rising



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    Bringing home the bacon is getting more expensive.

    Bacon lovers beware.

    A world shortage of pork products next year is inevitable, the National Pig Association of Britain has warned.

    But how could this possibly happen? It’s all a lesson in cause and effect. Herds across Europe are dwindling after widespread drought wiped out the corn and soybean crops earlier this year, the industry trade group said in a press release. 

    In turn, the price of pork is expected to skyrocket. The NPA predicted the number of slaughtered pigs will fall 10 percent by the second half of 2013, which will double the price of European pork.

    And what’s worse—the trend is being mirrored around the world, the Financial Times reported.

    As part of its Save Our Bacon campaign, the NPA is urging consumers to support British farmers by choosing independent brands like Red Tractor for their pork products.