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Woman Ransacks Hotel Room, Blames Nonexistent Twin

Jennifer Brown doesn't actually have a twin sister named Lisa, a relative told police



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    A woman accused of ransacking a hotel room blamed her nonexistent twin sister for the crime, police said.

    When in doubt, blame it on your nonexistent identical twin.

    That was the rather unoriginal explanation one western Pennsylvania woman gave after picking a hotel room clean, according to police.

    The Beaver County Times reported that Jennifer Brown, 31, was charged with false reports and theft after she allegedly stripped her room in a Holiday Inn in Big Beaver, Pa., of two comforters, two throw blankets, four pillows, an alarm clock, a coffee pot, a basket and a hair dryer.

    A state trooper who found her at another hotel nearby after she cleared out of the Holiday Inn said she blamed a twin sister named Lisa Brown for the thefts.

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    The bag of hotel room basics was found in her room, where Brown said her sister must have returned them — but a call to Brown's aunt confirmed that no twin sister existed, police said.