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Pet Monkey on House Arrest After Biting a Man

Florida man said his 19-year-old Capuchin monkey never bit before



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    A Florida man's 19-year-old Capuchin monkey (not the Capuchin shown in this file image) is on house arrest after biting a man near Cocoa Beach last weekend.

    A man’s pet monkey was put on house arrest after the animal bit someone last weekend near Cocoa Beach, Florida Today reported.

    Brad Berman said Mookie, his 19-year-old white-faced Capuchin monkey, had never bit anyone before. So Berman didn’t think twice when a couple approached him Saturday near a convenience store on Merritt Island and asked to pet Mookie, according to Florida Today.

    But the monkey got startled and bit the man, identified as 32-year-old Justin Debree, on the shin, officials said. He was not seriously injured.

    Berman claimed Mookie doesn’t have rabies and is registered with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. But officials ordered a 30-day quarantine of the animal at home to be sure Mookie doesn’t show any symptoms, Florida Today said.

    The Conservation Commission has not yet confirmed whether Berman has a permit for Mookie.