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Murder Suspect Wants Crotch Job

Believes bullet in groin will prove his innocence



    Murder Suspect Wants Crotch Job
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    No one likes another man messing with his junk.

    Craig Carwise claims the key to his innocence lies in his groin.

    The central Florida man is accused of going on a shooting spree in 2006, killing a man. He is now on trial facing first-degree murder charges. And prosecutors want to place him on death row because he has a prior murder conviction, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

    However, Carwise claims the victim sparked the incident by shooting him in the groin. He claims he had no choice but to respond by firing 15 times, killing 34-year-old John Jones.

    Now he wants the taxpayers to pay for the removal of the bullet, which has been lodged in his groin since the shooting.

    If the bullet turns out to have been shot from Jones’ gun, then it could prove Carwise was acting in self-defense.

    Otherwise, his attorney says, prosecutors will argue that he simply shot himself as he unloaded on Jones.

    However, the state nor the county wants to pay for the operation.

    Now it's up to a judge to decide.