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Massive Oak Moved in League City

Oak to be moved to area park



    Massive Oak Moved in League City
    The Ghirardi Oak before, left, and after being moved, right. The massive tree will ultimately be moved to a park.

    Two cranes have been used to lift a massive oak in Southeast Texas after delays caused by the staggering weight of the tree.

    The estimated 400-ton Compton oak was heaved from its site in League City around 9 p.m. Thursday.

    Officials say the so-called Ghirardi oak, named for one of the city's early farm families, should be hauled to a park next week. Workers dug out soil around the more than 100-year-old oak to place the tree on a steel plate for transport.

    Some equipment buckled Wednesday as cranes tried to lift the tree, delaying the moving process.

    Plans to cut down the tree for street widening were criticized by some residents. League City leaders are spending nearly $200,000 to relocate the tree and put the process online via webcam.