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Man Leaves Suitcase Containing $1M in Restaurant

Man seemed to get "spooked," said witnesses



    Man Leaves Suitcase Containing $1M in Restaurant
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    Who would forget this in a restaurant?

    It would have been a heck of a tip, but police in Australia don't think a suitcase containing $1 million was left for the waitress.

    The cash-laden luggage was left by a nervous man at Cafe Marco, in Sydney, according to Australian TV reports. It contained $1 million worth of Australian $50 notes. Police said a man wearing surfing shorts carried the suitcase into the restaurant, then "seemed to get spooked" and left without the money.

    The Daily Telegraph in Sydney reported that a 49-year-old Asian man matching the description given by staff was identified from nearby surveillance cameras.

    "The man entered the cafe briefly and was acting suspiciously, fleeing on foot following an incident with another patron, without his bag," the report said. "Given the circumstances of him leaving staff checked the bag, discovering the cash."

    New South Wales police told a man had been arrested but declined to comment on whether he was the suspect. A spokesman said the arrested man had been taken to a local police station but had suffered "a medical condition" and was hospitalized under police guard.