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Man Finds Mutilated Cow on His Property

Cow alive, but rear legs mutilated



    Man Finds Mutilated Cow on His Property
    The cow, not pictured, was alive when found in the pasture.

    Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies say someone dumped a mutilated, but living, cow in a pasture Monday afternoon.

    Sheriff Bob Alford said officers were called to the pasture near Farm-to-Market Road 2258 and County Road 106 after the landowner found the cow on his property.  The man also told police that a gate that should have been closed was open and that he didn't own any cows.

    The cow was alive, but the lower portion of its rear legs were mutilated.

    If caught, the person that dumped the cow may face animal cruelty charges as well as illegal dumping charges, both of which are Class A misedemeanors.

    Alford asks that anyone who may have seen a truck or trailer in the pasture on Monday to contact investigator Steve Shaw at 817-556-6058, ext-237.