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It's All Downhill From Here: June 18 Is Happiest Day




    It's All Downhill From Here: June 18 Is Happiest Day
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    Well, he looks happy anyhow.

    Dr. Cliff Arnell already calculated the most depressing day of the year and has now, naturally, if you couldn't tell by the headline, calculated the happiest day of the year. Yeah, we needed some help with that also.

    Arnell, 45, an ex-researcher with Cardiff University, a school in Wales where you can apparently get a grant to study anything you conjure up, came up with his formula for finding out the year's happiest day by examining a number of factors including weather, longer days with sunlight and pleasant childhood memories.  Though, we aren't quite sure how to quantify the latter.

    Anyhow, The Irish Examiner broke down the formula as follows:

    Put simply, a value for being outdoors (O) was added to nature (N) multiplied by social interaction (S), added to childhood summer memories (Cpm) divided by temperature (T), and added to holiday excitement (He).

    Happy Days Are Here -- Or Maybe Just One Day

    [DFW] Happy Days Are Here -- Or Maybe Just One Day
    If you're feeling more upbeat than normal there might be a happy explanation, June 18 is considered the happiest day of the year..
    (Published Friday, June 18, 2010)

    "The third Friday in June came out with the highest rating due to peaking factors, such as warm summer evenings outdoors, seeing friends more frequently, and excitement about holidays," explains Arnall in the Examiner.

    Arnall added that exciting events such as Wimbledon and the World Cup might have factored in to the date being selected in June.

    "Irish football supporters love their team, but they also love football and are enjoying watching other nations, so the World Cup coinciding with June 18 makes the day happier," said Arnall.

    So, if you've suprisingly found yourself with a little spring in your step or a grin you can't shake -- it may not be just because it's Friday.  It's THE Friday.  On the other hand, if you're having an awful day ... well, maybe the formula only works for people in Wales.