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Farmer Finds Bag of Pot in His Field

Duffle bag believed to be last of 6 ditched from plane



    Farmer Finds Bag of Pot in His Field
    No relation.

    Hunt County might experience an influx of hikers within the next few days.

    Earlier this week, a farmer out mowing the back 40 — that's what farmers mow, right, or is that plow? — found a duffle bag stuffed with marijuana.

    Officials with the Hunt Country Sheriff’s Department believe the bag was among those dropped from a plane back in July, and, according to Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks, "With the size of that plane, there can't be any more."

    Oh, can’t there? Meeks and the department thought they’d recovered all the bags there were to recover two months ago, according to that Herald-Banner story. There could well be one or two more strewn — there, that takes care of that pesky “laying-lying” thing — about out in Hunt County, and with an estimated street value of about $1 million, there just might be a few fortune seekers headed their way.

    It’s some high-grade pot, too, according to the department, so it might not be money those prospective hikers could be after. It came from on high, why not send it back … in a manner of speaking?

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