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Fake Man Storms Wrong House for Debt



    Fake Man Storms Wrong House for Debt

    An East Texas woman is accused of dressing as a man, arming herself with a knife and a stun gun and barging into the wrong house to try to collect a debt.

    Tyler police say a child was slightly hurt in Thursday's incident.

    The homeowner told police that she and her three daughters, ages 8 and 6-year-old twins, were bound and gagged, but escaped through a window. One girl suffered a scratch to her back.

    Police entered the home and arrested a woman with a cap and false moustache.

    Officer Don Martin says Maricela Aguilera Rodriguez of Tyler tried to collect $15,000 over a car, but targeted the wrong residence.

    Rodriguez faced a charge of residential burglary with intent to commit a felony. She did not yet have an attorney.