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Explosion Device Damages Texas Bank



    Explosion Device Damages Texas Bank
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    A Coventry man was shot Friday.

    A Lake Jackson bank is open for business after an explosive device damaged a drive-thru teller's window.

    The FBI is investigating the blast at First National Bank and checking security surveillance video.

    Police say nobody got into the bank and no money was stolen. No alarms went off.

    The bank was empty at the time of the explosion around 1 a.m. Monday. A customer who stopped to use the night deposit slot noticed a hole in the window before the bank opened.

    Lt. Rick Park says a motive for the blast is sought. Park says pieces of the explosive indicate it might have been a homemade pipe bomb.

    Bank executive Mike Golden says the FBI does not believe the case involves a terrorist incident.

    Lake Jackson is 50 miles south of Houston.