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El Chupacabra in Collin County Neighborhood?



    El Chupacabra in Collin County Neighborhood?
    Eddy Herring
    Turns out, it's just a hungry, dirty coyote.

    Working in news, things are often unpredictable.  However, there are a few things that you can count on happening without fail. Every. Single. Time.  One such thing is that when we do a story on a sighting of El Chupacabra, it will be followed up by a deluge of email documenting further sightings. And then, more stories on those sightnings.

    For those who have missed previous reports, El Chupacabra is a mythical (maybe) killer beast that has been accused of killing goats and relieving them of all of the blood in their body in much the same way vampires have been believed to eat -- by sucking.  You can see why people are interested, no?

    So here we are, mid-way through the loop of sighting-story-sighting-story with our latest report of the animal coming out of Collin County.

    The latest evidence came to us from Fairview's Eddy Herring. Herring resides in the Oakwood Estates neighborhood and sent us four photographs of a mysterious, and hungry-looking animal.

    Herring writes, "This animal has been seen on numerous occasions, and no one knows what it is. Looks strangely similar to the photos of the animal in Wise County. Chupacabra?"

    With Wise County, Herring is talking about the Chupacabra that was recently spotted in Runaway Bay (which was really a hairless raccoonand is now the town's mascot. And, we agree, they do look a lot alike. So, we thought we'd investigate.

    We reached out to Jessica Alderson, an Urban Wildlife Biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who said that, while the photos weren't the best quality, she was quite confident they weren't photographs of a blood-sucking goat killer.

    "The pictures that were sent are not of high quality, but it appears to be a coyote with mange NOT a chupacabra," said Alderson.

    So, there you go Eddy -- your goats are safe.  Straight from the biologist's mouth ... the animal in your photos appear to be a hungry, dirty coyote and not El Chupacabra.  Way to keep a good look out though, and let us know if you see anything else.

    And that goes for the rest of you also. If you see an animal, U.F.O. or anything else you like us to take a crack at identifying, send photos to iSee@nbcdfw.com and we'll give identifying it our best shot.