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Driver Distracted by Pelican Sinks $1.25M Bugatti



    Driver Distracted by Pelican Sinks $1.25M Bugatti
    A Bugatti Veyron, similar to this one, was recently dropped in the drink due to a low-flying pelican.

    A bird is blamed for distracting the driver of a luxury sports car who then drove his Bugatti Veyron into the drink.

    La Marque police say the French-built supercar ended up in a lagoon, coming to rest in about 2 feet of saltwater.

    Police say the man from Lufkin, whose name was not immediately released, was not injured in Wednesday afternoon's accident.

    Police say the man had been looking at real estate in the Galveston area when he was distracted by a low-flying pelican near Omega Bay.

    A tow truck was summoned to extract the rare production vehicle from the muddy pond.

    A 2006 Bugatti Veyron was recently offered for sale in Jonesboro, Ark., for $1.25 million.