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Dog Eats Pile of Cash



    A South Texas family found their $54 missing dollars in the belly of their 5-year-old dog. (Published Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013)

    A South Texas family found $54 missing dollars -- in their dog's stomach.

    The family's five-year-old dog, "Misty," ate a mountain of money while the family was out.

    The dog found the stash of cash in a tin and chowed down.

    Misty's owner noticed the missing money and figured out the dog had eaten the money and took her to the vet.

    An x-ray found the wad of bills in her stomach.

    "Cash is sort of strange," Ashley Kotinek, a veterinarian with the Spring Hill Animal Hospital, said. "There much have been something on it, someone had spilled something on it, they had a flavor that made the dog want to eat it."

    The vet gave Misty medicine to induce vomiting -- which netted $18 of the lost loot to start. They eventually recovered all the cash.

    The family doesn't plan on spending the cash, just preserving it as a keepsake. Although they did ask to pay the vet in cash...