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A new spa in North Miami Beach has everything a girl could dream of



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    Thanks to Le Petite Youth Spa, you now have to be on the lookout for gangs of little girls with fresh manis, pedis and makeovers.

    File La Petite Youth Spa under “now we’ve heard of everything.” The chi-chi high-end spa in North Miami Beach offers facials, masks, organic oil massages, manicures and pedicures—for little girls. Yes, tots can toddle into La Petite Youth Spa, slip into a robe and get a nice massage.

    Because being 4 is oh-so stressful.

    Oh wait, there’s more. Your little princess’ spa service comes courtesy of a tutu-wearing, pink-wigged employee. And, of course, there’s a gourmet menu for girls to feast on should they need a little nosh while pampering is in progress. What recession?

    When we were little, a facial was slapping on some of your mom’s Sea Breeze when she wasn’t looking and then wiping it off as fast as you could when it started to burn.

    Apparently, those good old days of Mom’s Noxema and Super Cuts haircuts are a thing of the past. The idea for the kid-friendly spa belongs to owner Adriana, a mom who wanted a place to treat her children to a day at the spa. She says, “This is a place where a girl can definitely be a girl.” But we’re thinking it sounds more like a place for divas-in-the-works to get big-diva training.

    Oh well, at least now we won’t have to worry about 4-year-olds stealing our standing Friday appointments for manis and pedis.