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Dallas Kitty Accidently Shipped to Illinois



    Dallas Kitty Accidently Shipped to Illinois
    Cody the cat is back home in Dallas.

    That’s not a litter box, Cody.

    A curious 2-year-old cat from Dallas climbed into a box full of medical equipment just before it was sealed and shipped off to an Illinois company.

    “We arranged the foam and then we walked off [to] find a label... so I’m thinking he must have gotten in there then,” Marie Webster who runs the Texas-based Chiro Design Group  told the Northwest Herald. “I’m sure he was completely panicked.”

    Luckily the folks at Chiro One Wellness Center opened the box right away.

    “We opened it up and we found cat hair on the merchandise,” clinic director Brett St. Aubin said. “And [then] I saw the cat. I quickly closed the box back up.”

    “[Cody] was in shock, but well-behaved,” St. Aubin said.

    The clinic called a number on the kitty's tag and spoke withWebster to let her know they had her cat. She wasn't surprised by the news.

    “He’s gotten lost before,” she said, “so I knew he probably wouldn’t get hurt.”

    Yesterday Cody hopped a United Airlines flight back home.