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Baby Squirrel Survives Pepper Spray

Officer reacted to ‘unusual behavior’



    Baby Squirrel Survives Pepper Spray
    A tree-rat ... er, squirrel.

    by Bruce Felps

    First off, the baby squirrel is fine.

    How’s that for moving the wrap to the lede? But in case you missed it last week, a Mesquite school resource officer at Kimbrough Middle School used pepper spray to stop a marauding baby squirrel in its little furry tracks.

    According to a statement from police, they received reports that the squirrel was “acting strangely and chasing students around outside the school.” Officer Davis positioned himself between some students and the beast, which continued its approach. Out comes the pepper spray and down goes Rocky.

    As required by law now, the incident made the YouTube, and you can hear students begging Davis to holster the spray. He did not, at least not immediately … and holy crap, was that a tactical officer with a riot shield? Oh, no, OK.

    Not trying to be a lackey for the man here, but I kind of doubt cadets in police academy go through intense training on how to deal with a rogue tree-rat. It just seemed to be a public relations 101 fail. If you're going to use force against a cute baby mammal make sure the kids aren't there to see it.

    And again, the baby squirrel lived and now has one hell of a story to tell his little squirrel buddies.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. His aunt Mildred, to protect her annual pecan harvest on her property, used to trap and drown squirrels. He’s got some sick branches on that family tree.