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Animal Rights Going Wrong

Group pushes to replace ‘pet’ with ‘animal companion’



    Animal Rights Going Wrong
    Aw, what cute little "free-living animals."

    by Bruce Felps

    And now for a little international flair … a column published today by The Telegraph out of The Continent focuses on a movement designed to gain respect and a greater sense of ethics in humans’ relations with animals.

    By the end of this piece, the word “animals” will not be used … maybe.

    See, this “movement,” not to be associated with “bowels,” advocates a kinder, gentler way of referring to our furry — and, presumably, feathered and scaly — friends.

    It calls for the removal of “pet” from our vernacular in favor of “animal companion.” I refer to the cat who lives in my house as “Bogart.” I hope that’s OK.

    The academicians behind the movement also hope to change references to animals of the non-domestic variety. Beings such as squirrels and raccoons — those that get into our trash or nest in our attics if we’re not careful — should not be called “pests.” Henceforth, please call the collective group “free-living animals.”

    They also don’t much care for the term “wildlife.” Hey, I got one. How about “nature’s cute little treasures?” Well, except for the ones that can eat you. Those are called “uh oh.”

    Nah, they’re animals. Oops.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He does not “own” Bogart. He waits on him.