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Airport Playtime Video Goes Viral

Smiles curl, butts clinch over terminal hijinks



    Airport Playtime Video Goes Viral
    Joe Ayala and Larry Chen

    by Bruce Felps

    Certainly you’ve seen it by now, the video shot recently in a virtually empty terminal late one night-early one morning at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

    A couple of California video-makers were stu... stranded overnight, bored out of their creative heads, and did what they do — they shot a video, “Stuck,” and a helluva clever one at that. Love the escalator thing.

    It was just two guys larking about, but evidently some rather clinched up people around here took great umbrage what with airport security and all that.

    But airport officials apparently had Big Brother watching the two, according to a CBS News report, and even got a bit of a chuckle themselves, saying, “... at no time did the filmmakers' activities present any level of danger or threat to flight safety. And by the way, they also picked up after themselves, including the restroom." Just watch.

    The video-makers — Joe Ayala and Larry Chen — talked about the hows and whys of the escapade with a writer at, and discussed some technical aspects, concepts behind the scenes, and even encountering guards in the flesh rather than just behind a security camera lens.

    “They sort of just stopped, looked, and realized that we weren't a threat and moved on,” Ayala said.

    So, cool, someone in a position of authority had a sense of humor about all this. How refreshing.

    Watch the video below.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He really like that escalator thing.