Cedar Hill

Road Conditions Worsen After Additional Snowfall, Expected to Get Worse

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More snow fell Wednesday morning, making roads more impassable. It was especially a concern in Cedar Hill where many roads are on steep inclines.

Work crews have been hitting the road all day Wednesday and are stepping it up through the night.

They're expecting the roads to get worse because Cedar Hill got a good blanket of snow. It hasn't been sunny and they're expecting what's been driven on to freeze up again.

Ryan Taylor and his fancy sports car had trouble making it to work.

"I have the wrong kind of car to drive in this weather," said Taylor.

Ryan said the snow was so deep and packed in, the roads were impassable at times.

The Department of Public Works trucks slapped on the plows and tried to clear all the hills that give this town its name.

Officers even spread salt and sand to help those who got stuck.

"It was a little bit icy, but for this type of weather, I've lived here my whole life I've never seen one degree ever," said Tara Sublette.

Whataburger has had folks lined up for days now. They're churning out the food when other places are closed.

"We probably shouldn't be out, but we love Whataburger," said Michael Greene.

Taylor told us he hit the roads, not for a burger, but to head to the office. He works in IT for Amazon and is trying to help keep the company shipping packages in the middle of this storm.

Staying off the roads is a huge help for police and the work crews. They said when you drive it makes it easier for the snow to melt and refreeze.

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