Cattle Call: Allen Police Shutdown U.S. 75 to Wrangle Wayward Cow

Officers closed down the highway and service roads to prevent a driver from a catastrophic collision

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Police officers are used to looking out for speeders and drunk drivers late at night on U.S. 75, but Allen police officers had to shut down the highway for a wayward cow.

The cow was first spotted near City Service Center, according to Allen police the cow then made its way west, got on the highway, jumped the median and continued on the highway in the southbound lanes.

Concerned a driver might hit the cow at highway speeds, officers closed down the highway and service roads as they worked to coax the cow off the highway.

The cow meandered in front of multiple west side businesses before the Collin County Sheriff's Office sent an animal control officer with a tranquilizer gun.

Allen police said several darts bounced off the cow's hide, but one finally stuck as the cow made it to the front gate of the Landsbrook Apartments on Benton Drive.

The cow stopped long enough for officers to get a trailer and pen set up.

Plano police say they had a call earlier in the afternoon about a pasture gate being left open, Allen police suspect that's where the cow belongs.

In all, Allen police say the cattle call consumed almost three hours. No one was injured.

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