Wireless Providers Power Up Ahead of Super Bowl

With all the football fans headed to North Texas for Super Bowl XLV, it's likely each and every one will have a cell phone or two in hand. The influx of fans are sure to push wireless networks to the limit, but providers say they are prepared.

"Our network team has been working diligently for months," said Meredith Adams with AT&T.  "We've invested millions of dollars in Cowboys Stadium."

The goal inside the stadium is to win the wireless war come Super Bowl Sunday.

"This is the biggest football game of the year and the fans coming into town are absolutely going to want to share their experience with their friends and their families," said Adams.  "And they'll be doing that wirelessly."

That's why AT&T has been working for months to make sure their network can keep up with all the cell phones set to converge on Cowboys Stadium.

"We've enhanced our network there by 150% and we've also added double the number of cell sites within the stadium," said Adams.

They have plenty of reason to do that -- since Cowboys Stadium opened its doors, AT&T has seen a drastic increase in wireless use in the area.

"Over the past year we've seen our voice traffic at Cowboys Stadium increase by 50% and our data traffic increase by 275%," Adams said.

From phone calls to texts, social networking to web browsing; its possible data and voice usage will break a record in Cowboys Stadium on game day.

"So it's important for us to make sure that network is performing and is enhanced in order to help these customers make those calls that are important to them or to cheer on their teams," said Adams.

The enhanced network will stay in place even after the Super Bowl is over, giving better service to home team fans.

Verizon has also enhanced their wireless network in and around Cowboys Stadium and also at Super Bowl event venues and thoroughfares.  Even before Super Bowl XLV, Verizon installed a state-of-the-art distributed antenna system at Cowboys Stadium to support the wireless usage of large crowds.

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