Universal Studios Offers Virtual Reality Scares

Jumps, screams and scares are all part of halloween fun, but there's a new kind of attraction this year at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando.

With elements from haunted houses, escape rooms and virtual reality video games "the repository" is a new-age haunt.

"It takes the tech of virtual reality and couples it with two other types of interactive entertainment called immersive theater and kind of puzzle group game-solving," says Universal Orlando Senior Director of Art & Design T.J. Mannarino.

Groups of four are tasked with solving a supernatural mystery.

There are real-life actors, detailed sets and even "artifacts" given to participants as clues.  Then the Virtual Reality kicks in.

Through headsets, participants see their fellow "investigators" as they explore the virtual world.

Then the team heads to the "Temple of The Dead" to solve the riddle and wipe out the curse.

"What you do generates the show that you're actually getting, and so we almost say you create your own ghost story here," Mannarino says.

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