Uber Testing New Safety PIN Feature in Dallas

New safety feature will give Uber riders the option to receive a four-digit PIN code to provide to a driver before the trip can begin

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This week, ride-share company Uber is testing out a new safety feature in seven cities across the country, including Dallas.

Launched on Tuesday, the feature gives riders the option to type in a 4 digit pin code before they get in the back of a car and begin the ride. In fact, the app won't even continue until that pin code is typed in.

Uber said this added layer of verification can help ensure riders get in the right car and drivers are picking up the correct rider.

It's a crackdown on reports of "fake ride-share drivers" across the country and another effort to make ride-share safer, according to the company.

Earlier this year, Uber launched the Campus Safety Initiative, following the tragic case of a student in South Carolina who was allegedly abducted and killed after getting into a car she mistook for an Uber.

The feature will be available to all Uber users in Dallas by the end of the week.

"We are constantly working and innovating to provide riders and drivers with the tools they need to help ensure a safe and reliable experience,” said Sachin Kansal, Uber’s Head of Safety Products, in a news release. “This new feature will provide peace of mind that you are getting into the right vehicle.”

How to set it up

Riders can opt-in to the PIN code feature by going to their app settings, and tapping "Verify Your Ride." From there, riders can choose to use the PIN verification feature on every trip or only during night time trips, which run from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Once enabled, the rider will receive a four-digit pin code in their app while the driver is en-route to the pickup location.

When the driver arrives, the rider can verbally provide the PIN to the driver before getting into the vehicle.

After the driver enters the correct PIN, the trip can begin. When the feature is enabled, a trip cannot start until the correct PIN is entered into the driver’s app.

Uber first unveiled this feature at the product showcase event in San Francisco in September and Dallas is one of only seven cities in the U.S. to receive this feature first.

“The PIN feature is a powerful option for riders that can also benefit drivers,” said Rebecca Payne, Senior Product Manager at Uber, who helped develop this feature. “PIN Verification helps drivers make certain they have picked up the correct rider.”

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