Samsung Users Puzzled By ‘Find My Mobile' Notification

A screenshot shows the "find my mobile" notification that many Samsung users received Thursday morning. Right: a generic picture of a Samsung phone.
Getty Images/Eline de Bruijn

Samsung users were puzzled when they woke up to a "find my mobile" notification Thursday morning.

The alert was from Samsung’s own “Find My Mobile” app and showed the number “1″ twice, with no other information.

Users who clicked on the inexplicable "1" alert said it simply disappeared, CNBC reported. Some users said the notification appeared to quickly drain their device's battery.

Samsung told customers not to be alarmed and that it happened due to internal software testing.

The Samsung UK Twitter account spent the morning replying to customers who were asking what the notification meant.

"The notification was inadvertently sent to a limited number of Galaxy devices. We can assure our users that this notification does not affect their devices in any way. (1/1)," Samsung UK tweeted, adding that the company "apologises for any inconvenience" and that it "will work to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future."

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