Microsoft's ‘Accelerate Initiative' Allows North Texans to Upskill, Reinvent Themselves

The new digital alliance with the city of Dallas, part of Microsoft's "Accelerate Initiative," is focused on closing equity and digital skills gaps

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The City of Dallas is on a mission to become a hub for advanced technology. Mayor Eric Johnson says a recent partnership with Microsoft will expand education and digital skill opportunities so the city is at the forefront of the next technology revolution. 

The new digital alliance with the City of Dallas, part of Microsoft's "Accelerate Initiative," is focused on closing equity and digital skills gaps. There are communities in our area that would otherwise not have access to these digital skills, until now.

There are so many in the workforce right now ready for that opportunity to "upskill," reinvent themselves in the digital world. The program also targets students preparing to join a digital workforce.

Microsoft hopes the program will be a transformative opportunity for students, teachers, workers and really the entire community.

We talked to Raamel Mitchell, the Citizenship and Market Development Dir. at Microsoft in Dallas, and he says right now is the time to invest your time and use this opportunity to upskill.

Mitchell reiterates the digital tools provided will be impactful for all of North Texas.

"We know that jobs are shifting, we know that the future of work is going to require a substantial amount of skills, digital skills more often than not, and so the digital alliance that we started with Dallas and the work that we're doing in Texas, will bring skilling to homes, and communities in schools throughout North Texas," said Raamel Mitchell, Microsoft’s Citizenship and Market Development Dir. in Dallas.

Microsoft recently adopted South Oak Cliff High School's PTECH academy, delivering career mentorship opportunities, digital skilling, and stem programming for students and teachers.

"So we're really looking to help expand opportunities for these students, and expose them to dream jobs that they've never even considered before,” said Taylor Shead, Dallas Education Foundation Board Member and CEO of STEMuli. “How does sports and technology integrate, how does health and wellness, and technology integrate, and so if you look at a company like Microsoft, they touch on all those areas.”

If you're a student interested in a mentorship, or if you're already in the workforce looking to upskill or reinvent yourself in the digital world, there’s a number of resources out there for you:

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