87th Texas Legislature

Broadband Internet Access No Longer a Luxury, Abbott Pushes for Legislative Solution

NBC 5 News

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) discussed legislation around the rising importance of reliable statewide access to broadband internet services Monday.

The governor held a press conference at Hamshire-Fannett Elementary School in Beaumont where he addressed the infrastructure need.

Abbott was joined by Texas Speaker Dade Phelan, State Rep. Trent Ashby, and Hamshire-Fannett ISD Superintendent Dwaine Augustine to discuss the importance of reliable broadband for education, business, and health care.

Ashby is the author of HB5, a bill in the House that, if passed, would create a state broadband office and a comprehensive broadband plan for Texas.

Earlier this year, the governor named broadband access as an emergency item for the 87th legislative session. 

“Broadband access is no longer a luxury, it is an essential tool for all Texans,” said Abbott. “Schools need broadband to connect with students, businesses need it to remain competitive, and our doctors and nurses and their patients need it for telemedicine purposes."

Abbott said the importance of closing the digital divide has never been more clear and that he looks forward to working with the State Legislature to expand broadband access to all Texans.

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