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One-stop shopping to download online coupons


Once upon a time, clipping coupons meant just that -- getting out a pair of sharp scissors and cutting them out of the morning paper.

Online coupons keep the sharp instruments in the kitchen drawer. But print off too many coupons, and you may need one just for more ink.

But there's also a better way to save money and time. now offers a digital coupon center that allows shoppers to download online coupons right onto their Kroger Plus Card.

"The customer first registers their Kroger Plus Card into the system, and then they select which coupons they'd like to download into their Kroger Plus Card," said Gary Huddleston, spokesman for the grocery chain.

Shoppers get the coupon savings automatically when they use their card at checkout.

"They don't have to cut the coupon," Huddleston said. "They don't have to remember to bring it to the store. They don't have to keep it throughout the store. They just know that it's downloaded onto their Plus card."

Kroger rival Tom Thumb offers similar capabilities for its Tom Thumb Reward Card at using, and

"It's a lot faster than clipping the paper," said Karen Hale, of Arlington. "Since some of the coupons are only available (on) paper still, then I deal with a little bit of both, but it's much faster to do it online."

Glendora Porter, of Grand Prairie, started slipping and printing coupons about a year ago and saves nearly $20 on each trip to the grocery store.

"With the online, that would help perfectly because then I make my purchase, I know what I want, and it's easier and faster, and I don't have to lug this stuff in my purse," she said.. "That saves time cutting and trying to file. I have this whole organizational system that's just not working for me."

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